Planting trees is important to give an established landscape a greater value, it can also increase the value of the property. Adding trees can also create some shade in the summer and allow the sun to penetrate in the winter when you have dicidious trees or to block off the wind if you have evergreen trees.
Pursuing Arboriculture certifications and attending an accepted level of knowledge in tree biology, nutrients, maintenance, soils and safety give us a solid tool to help lots of people in the greater Moncton area with tree selection, diagnosis or removal. Planting your tree the right way is important to give it the first setup and a good start. Selection is very important when you buy your tree the first day, choosing a healthy tree with a good root system, nice straight trunk and branches that are strongely attached to the trunk.

Look for the best tree that will fit your plan or project depending on soil, distance to the house foundation, shade or sun etc... Choose a tree with the correct leaf color, size and shape and look at the tag to check the name and the nursery where it came from. Look at the root mass and see if it is balanced with the container that is holding it. Look at the branches if they are well spread, stringly attached to the trunk, try not to break them! and look if the new shoots or stems are growing well. Look at the trunk if it is single or if it was grafted incase you look for a fruit tree.
If you see dead branches that could be an indication of growing problems in some cases. Make sure there is no physical injury from the white prings or support wires. Make sure there is no bugs eating from the leaves and no fungus on bark, branches or leaves.
If there is any flowers on the trees, cut them off so the new tree will focus on the root growth during the first year for a well establishment and boosting the energy on the entire tree. Make sure the store where you buy your tree can offer at least one season guarantee on tree growth and also the person who plants your tree will guarantee the planting with the right techniques and standards in case you hire someone to plant your tree.
By requesting a tree plan, we can help you select the best trees for your yard depending on too many factors. We can give you a list of trees that you can choose from a store and that will live and grow healthy in our climate.

You can use any type of mulch that you buy from the store to protect the soil around your tree and keep it moist and to control temperatures rapid change. Non organic will do the job in flower trees but we do not recommend it to customers who buy the fruit trees.
We offer all organic fresh much that we can make the same day you plant your tree. it will have multiple benifits for your tree not only when you apply it or by giving it a natural look but also when it becomes old it will gradually break down and becomes an organic matter to give more nutrient to the soil and beneficial bacteria.
We offer two different kinds of natural organic mulch: Shredded wood and it has light color, or shredded bark that will be darker than the shredded wood. Or we can do a mix that will give a marble affect and a mixture of colors.

We can help you choose trees from stores that can guarantee tree growth for one year and we will guarantee our job for healthy and sustainable growth. Trees will need maintenance to keep them healthy for a long period of time.