We are specialized in the residential and commercial outdoor construction building wood Decks or other manufactured materials. We also build porches and wood fences using the best materials and techniques that will last for longer period of time and give you an esthetic look for your property. All lumber we use is pressure-treated with preservatives with the best grade that will suit your needs. Only the posts and beams size and thickness that will hold the structure together strongly and support the weight following the Canadian National Building Code to ensure your safety and good work.

After looking at many different houses that required their decks to be fixed we noticed that most houses have deck posts laying on concrete columns and it moves one year after the other making it unsafe for people and when they want to sell their house the inspecter sometimes mentiones the errors made on the deck to protect the new owner and to make them aware of the potential hazard.
Having a post footing that goes down in the ground below the freezing surface is so important to allow the posts to be stable in one place. We plumb them and brace them to the concrete. This will not increase any dollar on the customer but to ensure that the job gets done the right way the first time.
Once all the posts are vertically installed and braced, the rest of the top construction must be cut level to the proper height. There is new techniques to flush the water away from the deck instead of letting it leak inder the deck to avoid moisture underneath and again the house and that work better with plastic surfaces (Composit).

A high quality fence combines beauty, privacy and utility. It could be used for backyard, around the pool or sometimes in the front yard on certain ways to match the back yard design. In general it is mostly used to protect small children.

We can help you create a beautiful design for your fence. It could help to block some wind or sun, especially if you would like to use a flower bed in the corner of the fenced property. We could help you find out what could happen in different scenarios on your property with your fence depending on your outdoor plans in your yard. Most fences are constructed in basic styles to provide most of the privacy to the home owner. Others are made with spaced fence boards or concave curves to have add curb appeal..

We look a little further than just the beautiful design, we make provisions in the fence design in properties that have major water problem to drain water from any area when it could be trapped and we also make provisions on any flower of garden beds that will be installed against or near the fence. We can make post designs in many various ways and we install them to be very solid eliminating moisture and to resist against decay. Depending on your budget we can use other techniques to make your fence the strongest and to extend the life of the posts.