Lawn maintenance practices have seen lots of changes in the past few years in Canada. These changes are to ensure healthy lawns, protect consumers, pets, wild animals and the environment.

G2W Landscaping can help using professional skills to grow your lawn and to make it resistant to insects, weed infestation and improving healthy soil for all your plants on the long-term result while reducing the spread of chemicals that your yard doesn't need all the time.

Most people when they are not happy with their lawn they go to a store and they see a turf builder. The first thing they do is to buy one bag and spread it on their lawn. Throwing chemicals all the time is not always the best idea. Letting nature run its course with natural substances and real composts improves the lawn and makes it stronger over time so it will be naturally resisting against disease, healthy, lush and green.

This starts with a good preparation of organic healthy soil with optimum conditions for a sustainable growth to have a healthy lawn. Once we have good foundation we will help you select the best method to grow your lawn including the types of grass species apropriate to the site

In most cases getting a healthy lawn or any plant to grow depends on what happens below the surface.

Getting some natural organic matter will definitely improve your soil and help your lawn by giving your grass plant roots millions of beneficial bacteria that will boost your plant’s energy and resistance against disease.

G2W Landscaping can make the right type of organic matter that your soil needs to grow your grass or any type of plants. We use only 100% local organic matter to prepare fresh and newly made tea compost with live bacteria.