Deciding to create a flower bed can take some planning, depending on how big you would like to make it, or where you want to install it on your property.
G2w Landscaping & Snow Removal can work with you to help you create a beautiful flower bed, and help you to choose which flowers or shrubs will work best in the area that you are looking to install them.

  • Create new flower bed
  • Manage and clean up existing flower bed
  • Edging
  • Weeding
  • Mulching
  • Retaining Wall Installation

Mulch can be very beneficial to any flower bed. Mulch helps to control weeds, holds moisture in the soil, protects plant roots in the winter, and helps control soil temputure.

A thick layer of mulch can also improve their appearance and enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Our team of Landscaping specialist can help you install mulch the right way to help your plants benifit the mulch.

  • Flower beds
  • Trees
  • Plants & Shrubs